Kitchen with Non Plastic Coffee Maker

Non Plastic Coffee Maker Everything You Need to Know

Who would not love to take a sip of flavourful and aromatic coffee in the morning? For sure, some of you cannot start the day without a cup of coffee.

Although the latest models of coffee makers are considered to be energy efficient, it will not divert the fact that they are made from plenty of plastic components. So, it is not surprising why coffee lovers switch to a non-plastic coffee maker.

Make sure that you are not just concern about the taste or aroma of your coffee, but also it can help you maintain a healthy body. Make sure that your morning ritual is always free from plastic.

You can notice that people around the world developed an interest over eco-friendly products. This is because many are getting aware about the harmful effects of plastic, not just to health, but also on our planet. There is no harm if you will consider using a non-plastic coffee maker.

Kitchen with Non Plastic Coffee Maker

Why Do You Need to Avoid Plastic Coffee Makers?

You need to learn how much does plastic components in the coffee maker, or even the process itself can affect your body. When people slowly reduce the use of products with plastic, they also consider the coffee maker.

Every time that you will search for the best coffee makers, it is easier for you to find the list on the Internet. On the other hand, when you try seeking for the non-plastic coffee maker, you might get confused because of some misleading information.

Before you dive into more in-depth knowledge about plastic-free coffee makers, you need to learn the main issues in using a coffee maker with plastic first.

Phthalates Content

Phthalates are considered to be plasticizer. They are added to the plastic resulting in better strength and flexibility. They can help the plastic to maintain its durability and transparency while ensuring long service life.

However, when phthalates get into beverages or food, people might get some congenital disabilities. Also, phthalates are known to be deadly in a way that they can cause hormonal imbalance in your body.

BPA Content

BPA or Bisphenol A is categorized as an organic synthetic compound which you can find in most of the plastic products. Their harmful effects to human are considered to be worse than the phthalates. They can create some infertility issues or some cancers. Thus, you have to be aware that they are present even in the linings of canned goods.

Incompatibility Between Heat and Plastic

Whenever hot liquids pass through the plastic components, there is a big chance that dangerous chemicals like phthalates and BPA will be released and find the possible way to enter your body.

Hot and Moldy Coffee

If you continue using your coffee maker with plastic components, you can never get rid of mold spores that will float around your cup of coffee. Remember, a coffee maker can be warm, moist, and dark, so do not get surprised when you notice that mildew and mold enjoy staying into it.

After discovering the issues about the plastic coffee maker, would you still use it?

Things to Consider Before Buying A Non-Plastic Coffee Maker

As a consumer, you need to be meticulous about the products you are purchasing. You need to consider the quality, features of the products or even your health and budget.

For sure, if it not your first to shop a coffee maker, but it is better to recall the is essential factors that can help you throughout the buying process, including:

  • The capacity of the unit
  • Space will take up on your kitchen counter
  • The price
  • The ease of use and maintenance
  • The customization features such as brew strength and temperature

But, if it is your first time shopping a non-plastic coffee maker, you might find the decision-making and buying process clueless and confusing. Picking the right coffee maker might be your primary concern.

To ensure that you will not end up with disappointment, you need to pay attention to the plastic parts. Despite that a handle made of plastic will not cause so much harm, you still need to be careful with the other parts. Remember, when any of the plastic pieces that will have direct contact with the coffee grounds or water will be a significant issue.

Eliminating plastic out of the coffee maker does not necessarily mean that you will have a limited choice. You rest assured that choosing a non-plastic coffee maker over the plastic one will not let you sacrifice your coffee-drinking experience.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Non-Plastic Coffee Maker

Below is the list of alternatives to the plastic coffee maker that can help you support your healthy living.


If you are looking for a traditional and straightforward solution, the percolator is a fantastic way in the first place. Its simplicity serves to be a significant advantage. Since there is no additional equipment, you do not need to exert too much effort to make a cup of tasty coffee. All you have to do is to plug it in and wait for a few minutes to taste your favorite coffee recipe.

French Press

If you love a rich coffee flavor in the morning, a French press should be present on your kitchen counter. You can be amazed by how it will turn a pure coffee taste into a luxurious one. In the case that you prefer a coffee maker with added durability, a stainless steel unit is a perfect option.

Pour Over

With just a few matters of effort, you will end up with a delicious cup of coffee. All you need to do is to pour the hot water over the coffee grounds and then, allow the gravity to do the job. Although it will take you extra time, you will never regret the quality and the taste. It is considered to be the cheapest way to transition to a plastic-free coffee maker.

Best Coffee Percolator for 2019 – PRESTO 02822 6-CUP STAINLESS STEEL PERCOLATOR

PRESTO 02822 6-CUP STAINLESS STEEL PERCOLATORIf you want a non-plastic coffee maker that looks like the traditional coffee pot, the best option for you is a coffee percolator. Using this coffee maker, you can perfectly brew coffee grounds, and during the process, they will be extracted.

The difference of percolator from other non-plastic coffee maker options is the used temperature and brewing duration. The coffee grounds will be kept at a very high temperature when compared to the standard brewing temperature.

Furthermore, when you heat more coffee grounds, you can expect for more extraction. Although this process can make the taste of your coffee a bit bitter, proper preparation can help you get the perfect flavor.

So, if you would like to prefer a coffee percolator, Presto 02822 is considered to be the best choice. This coffee percolator is free from plastic parts and can help you prepare two to six cups of coffee. You can make a cup of coffee by passing hot water through the coffee grounds, and you cannot hear any sound of percolation.

One of the exciting things about Presto 02822 is that it features an indicator light. This indicator light can help you determine whether your coffee is ready to be served. It also comes with a detachable cord which is helpful for more comfortable handling or grasping.

The size of this coffee percolator is just enough to let other gadgets have space on your countertop. When you turn on the automatic keep-warm mode after processing the coffee, you can retain or extend the warmth after brewing.

If you want to clean this non-plastic coffee maker, all you need to do is to remove the cord, and next is to keep it for cooling. Note that it is essential to cool the unit first before performing the cleaning process. Then, you need to remove the cover, the coffee grounds, as well as the filter that you can find at the insider part. It is ideal to use hot soapy when cleaning the internal part. Also, make sure that you will not immerse the entire unit in the water.

Best Stainless Steel Coffee Maker for 2019 – AMFOCUS STOVETOP EXPRESSO MAKER

AMFOCUS STOVETOP EXPRESSO MAKERIf you think enjoying a cup of espresso is only available from your favorite coffee shop, now it is possible for you to treat yourself and your family with a luxury-taste espresso. This is because there are already various non-plastic espresso units in the market.

When compared to other coffee drinks, an espresso is much thicker and requires for less amount of boiling water. You can notice there is a high level of concentration in the dissolved solids which can serve as a base for different drinks, including mocha, coffee latte, flat white, cappuccino and more.

The good thing about espresso drink is you can use any coffee bean. You can also choose between a dark roast or a lighter toast that will satisfy your taste buds.

If you are curious about the best stainless steel coffee maker, you can never go wrong with AMFOCUS Stovetop. It comes with an ergonomic handle making it possible for you to handle it easily. This stainless steel coffee maker is known for its durability and considered to be food safe.

Using AMFOCUS Stovetop, you can make six demitasse espresso cups for your family and friends. There is no need for you to pour the different coffee ingredients several times because once is enough. Apart from its functionality, this coffee maker can be a unique part of your home décor due to its elegant and classic look.


SECURA STAINLESS STEEL FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKERFrom the name it suggests, a French press coffee maker involves the mechanism of the press to give out the coffee extracts. A French press comes with a cylindrical design.

When it comes to the best French press, Secura French Press is an excellent choice for you. The interior and exterior part of this non-plastic coffee maker is manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel. It has a 3-layered filter that can trap even the smallest coffee ground while ensuring you can experience an effective extraction of the coffee flavour.

With the use of a cool touch handle, you can find the handling quite smooth while the knob provides a secure and comfortable way to operate. One of the highlighted features of this coffee maker is the additional filter screens. The filter screens are found to offer easy cleaning as well you can disassemble each easily.

If you are planning to make the full-bodied flavour, this French press can help you a lot. It has a capacity of 34 ounces where you can make for about 1000mL. You can bring this unit during night outs or even use whenever you have small parties at home.


The more you can have non-plastic coffee maker options, the more you can find the perfect unit that can suit your requirements. Also, you can be sure that you will be able to achieve a rich flavored coffee without worrying about the effects of plastic on your body.

Below are some of the top-performing non-plastic coffee maker in the market.


OXO ON BARISTA BRAIN 9 CUP COFFEE MAKERWith the help of many coffee makers available in the market, there is no need for you to be a professional barista to make a cup of coffee drink. OXO Coffee Maker is among the modern-day non-plastic coffee makers that can serve as an essential kitchen appliance.

This coffee maker offers a microprocessor that can help you obtain control over the brew cycle while you can effectively replicate the pour-over method. It is known to provide quality yet straightforward coffee brewing method. Through its Rainmaker show head, you can be sure that you will get an even coffee ground saturation.

You can effortlessly operate OXO Coffee Maker where you can find its LED user interface to be very intuitive. It allows the users to adjust the tie together with the coffee cups easily. Also, you can find the wake-up timer interesting.


BEHMOR CONNECTED CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPERATURE COFFEE MAKERIf you are concern about the brew settings and temperature, Behmor Coffee Maker serves as a significant advantage for you. You will never get disappointed with its timed brew settings as well as the customizable temperature that will suit your taste.

What makes this coffee maker unique from other options? Behmor coffee maker offers a pre-soak feature. You can set it at least 15 seconds or up to 4 minutes and just let the coffee grounds bring out its full flavour and aroma. Also, you can find it handy each time that you will use the freshly ground coffee beans.

You can never have any trouble with the temperature because Behmor has a thermal carafe. Meaning, you can be sure that your coffee will stay to its optimal temperature as needed. Also, it comes with pulsing water flow, double wall stainless steel design, and an oversized shower head.


TECHNIVORM MOCCAMASTER 79112 KBT COFFEE BREWERTechnivorm Moccamaster is perfectly designed to suit every brewing needs. Apart from its aesthetic look, it can help you make coffee up to 10 cups. It features 18 to 22% dissolved soluble where you can expect for rich aroma and taste.

You can take a sip of your favourite coffee drink in just 4 to 6 minutes waiting time. It is useful in holding the unserved coffee in the carafe within 100 minutes at 175 to 185 degree Fahrenheit before it will turn off automatically.

Although Technivorm Moccamaster will take you a few minutes to get it to work or achieve the coffee you are expecting, your effort will be all worth it. You will be able to make an extraordinary coffee right at your home. So, there is no need for you to be a barista, this coffee maker is enough for you to end up with the perfect coffee taste that you will love each morning.


FABERWARE 8-CUP PERCOLATOR STAINLESS STEELOne of your major concern before buying a new coffee maker is your budget. This is where Faberware Percolator offers a fantastic solution. It is considered to be one of the cheapest non-plastic coffee makers in the market today.

Faberware Percolator will let you bring back the seventies vibe in your kitchen. This means that this type of coffee maker is already tested by many for many years.

This coffee maker is among the best non-plastic coffee maker options, and it is carefully designed to be electrically-powered. Also, it offers a keep warm feature which will let you enjoy a cup of hot coffee processed at an ideal temperature whenever you need.

Faberware Percolator comes with lid knob and heat-resistant handle. This simply means that you have nothing to worry about burning your hand in the case that you are handling your coffee maker. So, this coffee maker is not just all about the functionality, but also deliver a safe and smooth operation.

You have to be aware that this non-plastic coffee maker does not have an automatic shut-off feature, so you will need a small effort to pull the plug. Make sure that you will always unplug the unit when the brewing process is done to prevent burning your coffee. Also, it is recommended to measure the water before pouring it into the reservoir.


STERLINGPRO  FRENCH PRESS STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE MAKERAnother remarkable option for a French press is the SterlingPro French Press. It comes with a simple yet sleek design that is wrapped with durable and quality stainless steel. One more thing, it offers a cost-effective solution to every coffee lovers.

This non-plastic coffee maker has a double-wall design. Its interior part can help you keep the coffee warm while the outer wall is sufficient to achieve a cool touch. Also, the two screens ensure that your coffee will be free from stray grounds.

Apart from a coffee drink, Faberware French Press can help you make a hot chocolate, tea, and fruit-infused water. Since its body is made of stainless steel, there is no need for you to check the required water level. You have the freedom to guess the water level or measure the water before pouring it into your coffee maker.

When you hear a screeching sound by the coffee maker parts during the process, there is nothing for you to get startled. It is a normal thing that you can expect when the metal comes in contact with the other metal.


Apart from the percolator, French press, and stainless steel coffee maker, there are other alternatives that you can take advantage to prevent using plastic products. So, you have the best chance to prepare your loved ones with a hot cup of flavorful coffee using the following options:

Vacuum Coffee Maker

A vacuum coffee maker uses its vacuum as well as its pressure to produce coffee. Its construction is composed of two chambers. The material used for the creation of vacuum varies from metal or borosilicate glass. Then, the filter can be made of a glass rod, paper, nylon, metal, or cloth.

During the brewing process, the coffee will travel from the bottom part and will be collected on the top. It has the third chamber which can help you keep a smooth flow while ensuring that there is enough amount of coffee being brewed.

Moka Pot

A moka pot has a similar function as an Espresso maker. The coffee grounds will be taken in the cup and will be spread evenly. To operate this unit, all you have to do is to turn the flame on, and it will do the entire brewing.

Thermal Coffee Maker

By using the thermal coffee maker, you can successfully maintain the warmth of your coffee for additional hours. There is no need for you to use fuel where all you need to do is to keep your coffee container on the warming tray and then, enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want to.

As a coffee lover, you deserve to have a piece of coffee maker at home. However, see to it that it is free from plastic parts. A non-plastic coffee maker is a significant investment that you need to purchase to keep a satisfying cup of delicious coffee all the time.

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